4 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Package

Image result for wedding pinterestPlanning a wedding is more stressful thank you think it is. Many wedding venues now offer wedding packages in Singapore to take some of that stress off your mind. The question here is, what are the things that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking for the perfect wedding package? Here are out top 4 tips on choosing the right wedding package. It was definitely not easy for us to break it down to just 4 points, but these are simply just the most important things you need to consider.

  1. Your budget

We do not believe in bankrupting yourself or taking a huge loan for the perfect wedding. According to a recent study, financial disputes are a major case of arguments between couples and can even break a family. Remember to know your financial limits and pick a wedding package according to it.

  1. Your guest list

We all know how much you want to invite everyone you know but, it is best to stick with those you love. Try keeping it as balanced as you can. This can make your wedding package cost a lot lesser, meaning you can save more for your honeymoon!Image result for wedding guest

  1. Your wedding gown

This is the major concern for any bride. Whatever your dream wedding gown is, be it mermaid style or something vintage and all lacey, do not start planning your wedding gown at the bridal store. The internet has plenty of information regarding styles, designs, materials and prices. Do your research online before going to a real bridal store. The wedding gown is not necessarily part of the wedding package, but it does affect your budget.Image result for wedding gown pinterest

  1. Children

Do you want to have children in your wedding? Children can bring a fun and lovely element in your wedding, but do you want to hear crying and kids throwing tantrums etc throughout the most important parts of your wedding like the vows? They are also an additional cost to your wedding package. You decide!

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History of Ipoh White Coffee

White coffee is a very popular beverage in Malaysia. It originated in the capital city of Perak, Ipoh. For generations, the locals of Ipoh are known to have finer and more delicate taste in their food and beverages. Mind you, white coffee does not mean the colour of the coffee is white, nor does it mean the black coffee is whitened by adding in dairy products like full cream milk, or other non-dairy substitutes. Ipoh white coffee is made by roasting the coffee beans with margarine for a long period of time under low heat, unlike the usual coffee which is roasted in high temperature through charcoal baking and then ground into powder.

Ipoh white coffee was developed in late 19th and early 20th centuries during the British colonization in the then Malaya. The Chinese immigrants who were hired to work in tin mines were not accustomed to the British way of drinking black coffee, so they developed their own unique recipe which suits the palate of Chinese population. History has it that a Hainanese immigrant called Wu came up with this recipe after several trial and errors. White coffee in 2017 is a lot more modified around the globe; however the authentic coffee is still accessible in Malaysia. Ipoh white coffee is said to be served best with warm kaya toasts in the kopitiams in Ipoh.

Usual coffee beans turn shiny and dark brown after undergoing the roasting process. White coffee on the other hand, is not like that. There are 2 ways of roasting coffee beans, namely “slightly roasting” and “moderate roasting”.

What is “slightly roasting”? it is like roasting cinnamon, it gives out a very tender and delicate aroma. “Moderate roasting” also known as “city roasting” or “American roasting” across the globe gives out very mellow and pure taste. There are so many other ways of roasting coffee beans across the globe such as “Vienna style roast”, “French style roast”, “fork style roast” and the list goes on and on.

Ipoh white coffee is called what it is called because no caramel or sugar is added to the coffee bean. After undergoing to roasting process in low temperature, a large amount of caffeine will be removed. Therefore, its sour and bitter taste are much lesser compared to coffee which were roasted in any other technique. Ipoh white coffee also contains less additives and preservatives to maintain its natural flavor and because these substances can irritate the gastrointestinal lining. As to conclude, white coffee is definitely healthier than regular coffee. This is what attracts people from all over the world to the Ipoh white coffee.